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The California vineyard industry employs more than 31,000 workers per year. According to AgSafe (1992) if experienced an average of 9 fatalities and 3654 reported non-fatal disabling injuries per year in the 1981-1990. AgSafe (1992), which studied the l argest database, estimated that 42% of 3654 reported non-fatal disabling injuries in vineyard work were sprains and strains, of which 41% were said to be back injuries. Reported causes emphasized overexertion at about 23% and being stuck by something at about 27%. An analysis of five years of injury data (1985-1990) from California vineyards (Meyers and Steinke, unpublished) reveals a similar pattern. This analysis also suggested that 30% of all reported injuries occurred within an employee’s first six months and 59% occurred in an employee’s first two years.

The AgSafe report notes that with respect to figures for incidence and rates, the data are uncertain for a number of reasons and should be considered an underestimate. Workers advocates suggest that true incidence is more likely twice that reported by Ag Safe.

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